What is Bubble/Ice Water Hash?

What is Bubble/Ice Water Hash?

Ice water hash, often referred to as "bubble hash," is a type of cannabis concentrate made using a process that separates trichomes (the glandular structures on cannabis plants that produce cannabinoids and terpenes) from the plant material using ice and water. The name "bubble hash" comes from the way the hash bubbles when exposed to flame or heat.

Here's a basic overview of how it's made:

  1. Materials: Cannabis plant material is combined with ice and water. The cold temperature from the ice makes the trichomes brittle and easier to separate from the plant material.

  2. Agitation: The mixture is gently agitated, which helps break the trichomes off the plant.

  3. Filtering: The mixture is then poured through a series of fine mesh bags or screens. These bags/screens have varying micron sizes, which allows for the collection of trichomes at different stages.

  4. Collecting: After filtering, the trichomes are collected from the bags and allowed to dry.

  5. Drying: Proper drying is crucial. Any remaining moisture can cause mold. The collected material is typically pressed to remove excess water and then spread thinly on a drying surface, often for several days, to ensure it's entirely dry.

  6. Quality and Grades: The quality and potency of the final product can vary. Typically, the first collection will yield the highest quality hash, often referred to as "full melt" because of its ability to melt fully when heated. Subsequent collections from larger mesh sizes can be of lower quality.


  • Solventless: Unlike other extraction methods that use solvents like butane or CO2, bubble hash uses only water and ice, resulting in a cleaner product with no risk of residual solvents.

  • Terpene Preservation: The cold-water process can preserve more of the terpenes, which contribute to the flavor and aroma of the cannabis.


  • Potency: While bubble hash can be potent, other extraction methods, like those using solvents, might produce concentrates with even higher THC concentrations.

  • Skill Needed: Making high-quality bubble hash can require some skill and experience. Improper techniques can result in a lower-quality product.