Learn How to Make Bubble/Ice Water Hash

Learn How to Make Bubble/Ice Water Hash

Making bubble (or ice water) hash is a method of separating the trichomes from the cannabis plant using cold water and agitation. The process isn't too complex, but it requires patience, precision, and the right equipment.

Equipment Needed:

  1. Fresh or Dried Cannabis: While you can use trimmings, many people opt for high-quality bud to ensure a high yield and potency.

  2. Multiple Mesh Bags: Often referred to as "bubble bags." These bags come in various sizes (measured in microns) to filter the plant material and capture trichomes at different stages. A common set might include mesh sizes of 220, 160, 73, and 25 microns, for instance.

  3. Clean Buckets: To hold the bags and the mixture.

  4. Ice: To chill the water and make the trichomes brittle.

  5. Cold Water: Preferably distilled or purified.

  6. A Mixing Device: This can be a large wooden spoon or an electric mixer for larger batches.

  7. Drying Surface: This can be a drying screen or clean, unbleached parchment paper.


  1. Preparation: Place the bubble bags in the bucket, starting with the smallest micron size and layering up to the largest. The bags should fit snugly inside one another.

  2. Mixture: Place the cannabis plant material in the bucket. The more material you use, the higher the yield, but you'll need to adjust the amount of water and ice accordingly. Next, add enough cold water to cover the plant material, followed by a significant amount of ice.

  3. Agitation: Gently mix the cold cannabis slurry for 15-20 minutes. The combination of cold and agitation will cause the trichomes to become brittle and break off the plant.

  4. First Filtration: Once adequately mixed, lift out the first bag (which will have the largest mesh). This will remove the bulk of the plant material. Let the water drain from this bag back into the bucket, then discard or set aside the plant material for possible further processing or composting.

  5. Subsequent Filtrations: Repeat the filtration process with each bag. As you progress to the finer mesh bags, you'll start to collect the bubble hash. The hash will appear as a sticky, resinous substance on the inside of the bags.

  6. Collecting the Hash: Once you've drained each bag, turn them inside out and gently scrape off the hash. Place it on your drying surface.

  7. Drying: It's crucial to dry the bubble hash thoroughly to prevent mold. Gently press the hash to remove excess water, then spread it thinly on your drying surface. Place it in a cool, dry, dark place for several days, ensuring it's entirely dry before storing or using. You can break it into smaller pieces to expedite drying.


  • Quality Differences: Different mesh bags (or grades) will yield different quality bubble hash. The finest mesh usually results in the purest and most potent hash, often referred to as "full melt" because it fully melts when heated.

  • Multiple Washes: You can repeat the process with the same plant material 2-3 times to extract more trichomes. However, each subsequent batch may be of slightly lower quality.

  • Safety: As with all cannabis processing, safety is crucial. Make sure your workspace is clean, and you're not introducing contaminants.

The key to excellent bubble hash is patience and practice. It's a method that can produce a clean, flavorful, and aromatic concentrate without the need for solvents, making it a favorite for many cannabis enthusiasts.